Sunday, May 3, 2009

Printing by Hand

Another book that you should own:

Lisa gave me Lena Corwin's book Printing by Hand. Aren't my sisters the greatest? This book covers projects from stamps and block printing, to stencils, to screen printing. There are some excellent ideas and patterns to use if you, like me, love Lena's designs. The projects range from very easy (stamps on paper) to more complex (silkscreens to frame as wall art), but the results are all fun and beautiful. What this book made me realize is that there is no reason to have a boring, blandly colored home. Enjoy pattern and color, and creating something with your hands.

Design*sponge interviewed Ms. Corwin when she released the book. I loved that she said this about the handmade movement:
Now that we have the ability to make things perfect and precise on the computer, I think the pendulum is swinging the opposite direction- and there is an appreciation for imperfection, for things made by hand. It reminds me of the Slow Food movement. With all the perfect, genetically modified fruits and vegetables sold in grocery stores, many people (like myself) have realized that they prefer more natural, imperfect foods from local farmers. Or they are growing their own vegetables. Maybe printing your own textiles is part of a kind of Slow Design movement.


e said...

Just the cover makes me wish I had that book.

Sarah said...

Yet another reason why you should come over and craft with me sometime.