Thursday, May 14, 2009


I mentioned I'd be telling you more about that phrenology head from the Corner Station. Here's the update: my parents gave me the head as a graduation gift. My parents? They. Are. Awesome. The idea behind phrenology is that you can understand someone's personality based on the shape of their head. I never knew before that my temples could tell you if I had a desire for liquids. Awesome. You'd use this porcelain head as a sort of roadmap. I'll just let the creator explain it:

The back of the bust says: For thirty years I have studied Crania and living heads from all parts of the world, and have found in every instance that there is a perfect correspondence between the conformation of the healthy skull of an individual and his known characteristics. To make my observations available I have prepared a Bust of superior form and marked the divisions of the Organs in accordance with my researches and varied experience.

I think the sides of the bust are just about perfect. Pretty great, right?

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