Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Corner Station

This is the best store in Sanpete. No, the best store... in a lot of places. The Corner Station is located in Fairview, UT and is full of some great stuff. I've purchased some old fashioned wooden alphabet blocks (pictures to come) and a tin wind-up astronaut (I think Kaeleigh liked it). They have loads of home decor items, well-made children's toys, jewelry, oilcloth (swoon!) and vintage items. I'm in love. I want their doors to stay open for many, many years, so please: if you can, visit the Corner Station. I promise you'll find something you love.

Obviously I liked this phrenology head. More on that tomorrow.

I like their business card too. I'm glad they're in Sanpete and that they've collected so many excellent items. Let's go shopping.


Marci said...

I wantto go to that store. It looks divine. Promise me you will take me there one day.

Sarah said...

I promise. Especially if you come down a week from Saturday. Then it will DEFINITELY happen. Or you can spend the holiday weekend with your own family. Sigh.