Monday, April 11, 2011

April Ampersand 9

I think this is my favorite so far.

You might say that this matryoshka doll is a little lopsided, but I would say that it is charmingly homemade.

The ampersand is based on a font called Friska, but... plantified.

And once I got to the embroidery portion, it came together quickly.
First I sketched out a design, then went over the lines with a thin black marker and scanned in the image.
There are lots of ways to get a pattern from your head or a piece of paper onto fabric for embroidery. You could use iron-on embroidery patterns or carbonless paper or a temporary marking pen. I decided to ignore all of these useful tools, however, in favor of something more ghetto.
I fear that may be said about more things in my life than I'd like to admit.
Anyway, if you want to be ghetto like me, you can scribble on the back side of the paper, then go over the lines with a pen or pencil so that the graphite transfers to the fabric.

I went over the lines again with pencil to make them more visible.

Finally, it was time to start embroidering. And only a few hours later... ta-DA!

Do you want to make a doll of your own? You can grab this image, print it out, and get to stitching.

This pattern is for non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.


Angie said...

My favorite so far too! Adorable... (you AND the finished product).

Jeffrey said...

Charmingly Homemade!