Friday, April 15, 2011

April Ampersand 12

In a recent fit of de-cluttering, I took apart my inspiration board by my desk and re-hung it in a better location. (You saw part of my inspiration board on my first post about the April Ampersand project.)
When I cleared off my inspiration board, I found several green paint chips. I clearly have some sort of problem.

These paint chips were a fun, quick ampersand project to keep my hands busy while I watched Dexter on dvd.

Things I learned during this project:
  • My ruler is not completely straight.
  • It weirds me out when Dexter day-dreams his dad.
  • My dining table has officially run out of room for working on craft projects without putting anything away.
I made ampersands and found a use for a little bit of clutter. I declare today a success.

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