Friday, April 8, 2011

April Ampersand 6

Today's ampersand is a linocut. And as a special treat (I hope), I show you how to make one of your own.

This photo is reversed to show you what the finished linocut would look like printed.

First, decide what you want to cut. This time around, I chose the ampersand from a font called Saphir. I printed out an image that was the right size, then traced it onto the block. Make sure that the image is reversed, because that way it'll print correctly.

Next I went over the lines with a marker so that they wouldn't rub off.

Then start cutting away everything that you don't want to print. First I cut away the large areas, then go in to cut away the edges and the smaller details.
I am speaking from experience when I advise you to cut away from your body and hands. As soon as you cut towards the thumb on your left hand, your blade will slip and gash your hand. It will hurt.

This time, however, I escaped unscathed. Here's the finished linocut.

I used block printing ink and a brayer to roll a smooth layer of ink onto the block for printing.

But, true confessions: I took photos before work one morning and didn't have time to print. That's why you got the flipped photo up at the top there. I'll save the printing for another day.

Still, I think even the inked up linocut is sort of pretty.


lisa at said...

Pretty! You should stop being so good at stuff. It's giving people a complex.

Michemily said...

Sweet. You should stamp those all over a whole wall.

e said...

I always love your final product, but it's true that the finger gashing you mentioned stresses me out during the process every time.

Sarah said...

Thanks, guys! I'm toying with the idea of printing this linocut on a press at work. I'm a bit afraid to face how rusty I am at letterpress printing, but let me know if you want to come by the shop and hang out with me while I print.