Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Ampersand 11

Have I mentioned that I own seven typewriters? It's an addiction, and other than writing love letters at a Mad Men-themed birthday party, I usually don't have a use for my darling typewriters.

Until now. I sketched out a flourish-y (we're pretending that's a word) ampersand, then used it as a template for a shape to recreate with my typewriter. There was plenty of trial and possibly even more error, but it worked out, more or less.

This is my blue Corona. It's the first typewriter I bought, and the only one that still has any ink.

Most of the rows of letters spell "ampersand" if you read them vertically.


carina said...

Love this project, so clever!
And for the record, owning 7 typewriters isn't ridiculous, it's ridiculously awesome.

E said...

Double like.

Michemily said...

Here's an ampersand chair for you:

Ann Martin said...

Nice! Have you tried your hand at a quilled version yet?!