Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Ampersand 10

I was inspired by a photo that I saw on Pinterest:

Cute, right? Sadly, I didn't reference this photo while I was making my washi tape ampersand, and so mine is a very poor version.

Sigh. On the bright side, though, I like having an excuse to use washi tape. It's adorable and I love how it feels. Am I weird?

Don't answer that.


Ann said...

Nice! Can totally relate... I've been fooling with washi tape recently too. Have been enjoying your ampersand (have always liked that word for some reason; fun to say, I guess) collection.

Sarah said...

Thanks Ann! I'll admit, though, I'm so wowed by your abilities that I'm a bit embarrassed to post photos of my meager quilled ampersand. I'm sure it will show up next week.