Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moving Announcement

After moving to my new place, I had to tell my loved ones where they could find me. I threw together some moving announcements and sent them out to family members. The process went something like this:

Printing out my new address on brown paper. And no, that's not my real address.

I cut out the corners. While I'm thinking of it, please let me know in the comments if you'd like me to send you my new address. I only sent these to my immediate family.

Then I used a ruler to steady my legendarily shaky hands and made a few lines with a bone folder. Are you in the market for a bone folder? You should be. I recommend this one, from Martha.

Can you seen the pleasing line that it makes in this nice, sturdy paper? Yum.

And that line makes it easy to make a clean fold. I made four of them.

Then I closed up the card and secured it with string.

See? All done.

Now, I promise to stay in this new place for a while. And I hope you come visit.


Marci said...

I meant to tell you how cute these were and I think I forgot. So, these turned out really cute.

Jeffrey said...