Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Letterpress Love

I'm still customizing the blog here and have some of my own items to show you, but for now, let's swoon over some lovely letterpress until I get everything fully operational. Thanks for understanding!
Greenwich Letterpress. Based in New York City, they walk the line between traditional and modern in the best way, respecting the history of letterpress while staying creative and clever.
Beast Pieces. I fell for this site the moment I saw their masthead. Then I saw all of their great customized calling cards. I think I'm in love.
Fugu Fugu Press. E emailed the link to this shop to me. This California couple makes some of the cutest cards around.


Dave Anderson said...

I just heard about your new blog! I'm sure it will be awesome. Also, I think the title has left you an opening to branch out into tattoos, which is good.

Sarah said...

Dear Brother,
I've already been pricing temporary tattoos. Stop stealing my brain.