Wednesday, April 29, 2009


There are times when you find the perfect tool. Like my bone folder, that fits perfectly in my hand and has a pleasing case. Then there are other times. When you're working on finishing a project and you're at your parents' cabin and you need a paper cutter and it's a Saturday and you have limited shopping choices.

When this happened to me, I was forced to purchase a paper cutter that was a bit on the small side with a finger guard next to the blade. Perfect for regular paper, but bad when you're trying to make straight cuts on a 48 inch long sheet of Rives BFK and the finger guard gets in the way. Something needed to be done.

Tiny saw + paper cutter + 1 minute = exponentially increased satisfaction in my purchase.

A small step for mankind, a giant step for my office supplies.

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e said...

Do you know what I love about you? You take paper-cutters, ahem, life by the horns. If it isn't working, you make it work for you. I think that's why you're always good times.