Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art & Copy

The Salt Lake Art Center and Salt Lake Film Center held a free screening last Friday night of Art & Copy.

Even though Lisa and I were rushing to get to the movie on time (I leave my house late all the time. I'm trying to be better. Sorry, all of my friends, for my constant tardiness.) and had to sit separate from our friends and from each other (though congrats to the Salt Lake Film Center for having a packed house!), I'm so glad we went.

First of all, because of this guy's collection of radios:

But more importantly because I was inspired. Inspired that simplicity can be powerful, that advertising can change our world, that people like me (but smarter, more talented, more creative) at desks like mine (but bigger, or messier, or prettier, or cleaner, as the case may be) can make something beautiful or funny or meaningful or creative. And people will listen. And reminded that the most impactful work can come from people with passion and integrity.

I don't think this movie was perfect, but I think that its message was powerful: that advertising is more than pushing a product. It's easy to forget that fact when 95% of the advertising I see doesn't seem to try that hard. But there are people out there, people with giant bird nests in their offices or private concerts or walls covered in thumbtacks

who have the job every day to find something special about a product and about life and make that matter to the rest of us.

Or at least they can make something pretty that doesn't make us all (rightfully) fly into a blind rage.

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Marci said...

That wall was my favorite part of the movie. That and the old guy who kept saying the f-word.