Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spring City Barn Print

About four years ago, my parents moved from Salt Lake City to a small town in Central Utah populated by artists and sheep farmers: Spring City, Utah. It's a historical district and the residents have done an amazing job maintaining and restoring homes and buildings from the late 1800s. One of those homes is my parents': The Judge Jacob Johnson house. Their hard work on this home (and my brother Jeff helped!) restored the home to its former glory and earned them an award from the Utah Heritage Foundation. I'm very proud of them.

For Christmas, my dad only asked me for "something handmade by you," because he's clearly the cutest dad ever. So I thought about what would mean a lot to me to make, and what my dad might like to receive. I decided on a woodcut inspired by the stone barn on my parents' property. Originally built as the Judge's carriage house, the barn is now used for parties, art exhibitions, and weddings.

For my gift to my dad, I created a design inspired by the broad side of the barn, and cut it into a linoleum block.

Then printed it in black ink on bright white Rives BFK, a 100% cotton, French-made paper.

Dad called the next week to ask what size frame he'd need for the print. I told you. Cutest dad ever.

I made several prints of the barn, which are now available in my shop.


ten-cow nicole said...

oh my gosh. their property is amazing. your parents always had great taste tho ;)

love the print too!

Sarah said...

Nicole, good to hear from you! They've really done a beautiful job, you guys should come down to one of the Spring City events some time. I think you'd have a blast.

Paula Wright said...

I found your site by googling. I am looking for a place to have my daughters wedding reception in this exact area ( we live in Mt. Pleasant). Can you please tell me how I could contact your parents about renting this facility?

Sarah said...

@Paula Give my mom, Alison, a call: 435-462-5225

Paula Wright said...

Thanks !!! Your quick. I was just going to leave my email. I will give her a call. Thanks so much.