Friday, January 22, 2010

Just My Type Valentines

I'm so excited.

I gave myself a Print Gocco for Christmas, which is a fantastic little personal screen-printer from Japan. I can't get over how well it's designed: Very compact and user friendly, even when all of the instructions are in Japanese. The instructions at Felt Cafe were a huge help.

With limited supplies in very high demand (pleaseohplease let the rumors be true that Paper Source is taking over production of new materials), I had a hard time deciding what to print. I decided on Valentines for someone like me (a silly typewriter collector--do you see a pattern here of falling in love with obsolete technology?) would love.

And I do.

And I think my robot is developing a crush. I can't blame him.

If you want to send a little typewriter love to your sweetie this Valentine's Day (or any other day), you can pick up a card over here.

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