Sunday, January 17, 2010

Faux Bois Cards

I used to play viola in the music department at Utah State University. During my time there, we had an exceptionally awesome viola section, full of exceptionally tall violists. One of these violists was Jentry, who now molds young minds by teaching kids music.

Anyway. Jentry sent me an email and asked if I could make some stationery for her sister for Christmas. I think we're safely past Christmas now that I can show the internet what I sent off to her sister.

I carved a linoleum block and printed this woodgrain pattern in peacock blue on crisp white cards.

Then used one of my typewriters to type her name on half of the cards and "Thank You" on the other half. Block printing and typewriting, two great tastes that taste great together. I hope Jentry's sister (who is not named Jana Matheson) liked them!

The faux bois cards are now for sale in my new shop.

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Jentry said...

So I made a comment on your other post about my sister loving your cards because this post was farther down in my google reader. She really did love the cards and thanks for all the link-age. You rock my world.