Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome Home

Something you may not know about me: I love embarrassing people at the airport. That means that if you ask me to pick you up (or even if you don't, but accidentally let slip your arrival date and time), I will try my hardest to show up, holding a large sign and jumping up and down excitedly. I like to think that despite your so-called evidence to the contrary my friends and family secretly enjoy it.

While my favorite sign just said "You Are Our Mom" (Mom laughed, sort of), I started making this sign last night, about 5 minutes after I should have been leaving my house.

My condolences, you've just discovered that this post was only created to show you that I'm getting better at spacing out words on posters. Bright side: I've also basically volunteered to pick you up from the airport.

It really should say "Fancy Babysitter," since that's what my niece, Nora calls our beautiful nanny friend Jillian.

Though I should note that, after Nora saw me with more makeup on than usual (read: any makeup at all) it came out that she may think that "nanny" is actually the word for Woman Who Likes Kids and Wears Eyeliner.

I'll take it.


ten-cow nicole said...

amazing. i love this so much.

lisa at said...

Apt description for Jillian. I approve.