Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Garland Packaging

After making garlands, I needed a way to make sure that they shipped without getting tangled or otherwise destroyed. I also wanted to be sure that people would know what it was, since it wasn't exactly an ornament. Lastly, when my friends look through the haul of ornaments each year, they always ask who made what. I wanted to help the others out with keeping track of where their ornaments came from. And so here's what I did:

I started with a piece of cardstock cut to size so that it measured just thinner than the width of a paper bag. I wrapped the garland around the cardstock to keep it from getting tangled (I'd love to hear from one of the ornament exchange participants about if it worked). So now I better label these suckers:

Labelled. And then, since at least one person gave me a blank stare when I said I was making garlands, a little helpful visual:

Pretty cute, right?

The garland-wrapped cardstock slips right inside the bag when it is laying flat. The garland is explained and protected and organized. This is extremely relaxing and satisfying to do amid the Christmas craziness. I highly recommend needless organization.

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Michemily said...

Lovely! I know this is annoying in your comments section, but since you're a paper lover, do you want to enter the calendar envelopes giveaway I'm doing?