Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Custom Silhouettes

My adorable, crazy awesome friend Rachael emailed me one day, asking for help on her one year anniversary gift for new husband Brandon. When the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper, how could I resist? After some brainstorming and then a whole lot of trust on Rachael's part, I started making silhouettes of Rachael and Brandon.

Silhouettes are something I've played with in the past, making one for my niece's 2nd birthday and a portrait of a chicken named Andre, the world's most glorious chicken and the only livestock I've ever purchased.

And I think that the Babiracki silhouettes turned out pretty great, aside from my haphazard hanging on uneven wall hooks for a photo before I packed them up and shipped them off.

So great that I've decided to make silhouettes more often. If you go to my shop and click the right buttons, I will make a custom, paper cut silhouette of you or a loved one. You place an order online, then send me an email with a photo. Wielding a blade like Sweeney Todd, I slice up a piece of paper until it looks like you (or your kid, or your dog, or your great-grandfather).

It's like magic! Except it doesn't smell like mothballs, and it's not disappearing any time soon.


Rachael said...

AMAZING! i love love love them. thank you again for your perfection, you saucy minx.

captcha=alingsta. but i read it aligangsta. huh.

Sarah said...

YOU, my friend, are aligangsta.