Monday, October 19, 2009

Paper Lanterns (My 25th Birthday, Part 1)

Last summer, I decided that I wanted a simple, low-key celebration for my 25th birthday in July. One of my New Years resolutions was to have magic in my life, so when I saw Maria's video, I couldn't get the vision of paper lanterns carrying wishes out into the universe out of my mind.

A little bit of searching around the inter-webs and I found pictures like this:

I was smitten. They must be mine. So I bought some here.

I set a time at dusk for people to meet me in a park. I handed out lanterns and lighters, kicked off my shoes and ran into an open grassy area. I was so excited that I barely got any photos on my crappy camera phone. My apologies.

The lanterns took two or more people to light, especially since the location I'd picked was at the mouth of a windy canyon (oops).

Everyone laughed at the wind, cheered when the first successful lantern rose into the sky, and sat in the grass.

Strangers came over to ask what we were doing, some of them excited, some wondering if they should notify the police of the giant arson bombs we were letting loose on the city.

Then, as quickly as we came, we packed into cars and went our separate ways.

We heard from an acquaintance the next day that she and her fiance saw the lanterns from across the valley and wondered what they were (UFOs?). This was precisely what I wanted: for other people to have a little bit of the magic in their lives that I want in mine.

Oh, and? I was glad that I purchased my pretty white lanterns before I found out about these classy options:

(Hint: Not Classy)